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Katy Pointe- Katy, TX

Katy Pointe, located in one of the fastest growing areas of Greater Houston, was Telephone Investments’ first endeavor into residential real estate development. Katy Pointe was designed to maximize land use for residential development while leaving areas for future commercial development. Careful planning went into designing the streets and lot layout to accommodate the most lots (maximizing profit) while keeping a comfortable feel for future residents. Commercial reserves were left along the street frontage for future sales or development. With the big picture in mind, we were able to plan the entire development around future commercial reserves and future detention requirements.


The development required complex land planning and heavy coordination with Harris County Flood Control District. During the course of the project, Harris County’s drainage standards changed. Our team worked closely with the County to develop a solution that was beneficial to all parties. In 2017 Hurricane Harvey descended on the Gulf Coast, causing extensive damage in the area. Our team worked with contractors in anticipation of the storm to best prepare the site for heavy rainfall. Prior planning and construction had placed our site well above any floodplain and no home flooding occurred. Despite a three-week construction delay due to Hurricane Harvey, we delivered the project on time by anticipating challenges and preparing accordingly. We were able to minimize impact on the site and contractors were able to get back to work quickly, even with reduced
crew sizes.

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"We confidently rely on their experience and guidance for all of our development and project management needs."

Nizar Manesia

President, Telephone Investments

Team communication was facilitated using our online collaboration tool to manage schedules, task lists and budget sheets. We also utilized our electronic signature software heavily for accounting and architectural review processes. Through our online tool, automated reports were sent out on a recurring schedule. The owner could log in to view the most current (updated in real time) budgets, cashflows and schedules. We used our cloud-based tools to offer real time file sharing. Weekly and bi-weekly meetings were held with contractors, engineers and the client to ensure clear and concise communication, along with daily communication over the phone and/or email. Our team saved the client money by closely monitoring costs closing and eliminating unnecessary expenditures. We carefully checked plans to verify that everything was correct and identify errors/potential changes before construction and installation. Ensuring that the contractors completed the job correctly the first time minimized repair work and additional costs. Our team served as a liaison between the contractors, facilitating seamless communication and coordination. We managed construction closely to reduce change orders and problems in the field.

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