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Southwinds- Baytown, TX

Southwinds residential development offers quality housing and a functional
neighborhood while proving to be a sound investment for the developer. The
residential portion of Southwinds fits into a larger, master plan that has more than 20 acres of multifamily units and an additional 20 acres of commercial/ retail. The single-family residential portion offers much needed affordable housing in the Baytown market. Once people begin moving in, there will be a built-in customer base for businesses to move into the dedicated commercial and retail space. This is Baytown’s first planned development that has a cohesive design between single-family, multi-family and commercial properties. We worked closely with owners of commercial properties as well as developers of the multifamily sites to maintain this design throughout the development. The homeowners’ association and commercial association will have a cost share agreement that provides shared maintenance for common areas to keep them well maintained.

Team communication was facilitated using our online collaboration tool to manage schedules, task lists and budget sheets. Automated reports were sent out on a recurring schedule. The owner was able to log in to view the most current (updated in real time) budgets, cash flows and schedules. We used our cloud-based tools to offer real time file sharing. Weekly and bi-weekly meetings were held with contractors, engineers and the client to ensure clear and concise communication, along with daily communication over the phone and/or email. We worked with the builder’s marketing team and the Baytown Chamber of Commerce to host a successful grand opening ribbon cutting event.

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"Keith consistently challenges us to be innovative in our designs and detailed in our plans and specs and bid packages."

Pete Simpson

Partner, Terralab Landscape Architects

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Our team delivered this project on time despite losing an entire month to rain delays. We kept in constant contact with the contractor making sure every moment on the job could be utilized effectively in order to make up lost time. We successfully managed the budget through diligent monitoring of costs and ongoing refinement to cut wasteful expenses. We conducted a stringent quality review process to ensure that all changes had been made and errors identified prior to construction. We facilitated communication between contractors and carefully monitored construction activities to reduce change orders and problems in the field.

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