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Development Services

  • Entitlement and feasibility 

  • Land planning and envisioning

  • Consultant team selection

  • Project management

  • Construction management and contractor evaluation

  • Project finance and accounting services

  • Special finance district creation and oversight

  • Association creation and management

  • Marketing & sales coordination

  • Owner representation

Construction Management

  • Oversight of construction to ensure procedures and materials comply with plans and specifications

  • Contractor’s schedule monitoring

  • Assistance with change order review and completion

  • Assistance in semi-final/final inspections

  • Punch list preparation and completion monitoring

  • Assistance with smooth and timely project close-out

program goal_edited.jpg
Program Management


  • Program stakeholder envisioning

  • Program planning, definition and management

  • Project design criteria and oversight

  • Design and construction schedules and cost estimates

  • Construct-ability review and value engineering

  • Total quality management

  • Transition management 

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Capital Strategies

  • Land investment evaluations

  • Landbank facilitation 

  • Facility conditions assessment

  • Municipal bond coordination

Site Selection Services


  • Site Location Recommendations

  • Engineering assessment

  • Mineral issue resolution

  • Environmental analysis

  • Preliminary site planning

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